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Palladium 13 January 2020 85% of palladium demand comes from the automotive industry. What Is Palladium? A precious grey-white metal, palladium is extremely ductile and easily workable. It is a shiny metal, able to resist corrosion, stable at high temperatures. Palladium is also conductive and…


Gold 18 November 2019 Gold has many special properties, that make it one of the most precious metals in the world. What Is Gold? Gold, is one of the most useful, if not the most useful metal, among all the metals extracted from the Earth….


Graphite…the mineral of extremes !! 7 October 2019 Graphite: mineral of extremes What Is Graphite? Graphite is a very common mineral, which represents one of the different forms that carbon can take. It is defined as “mineral of extremes“, since on one side it is…


Platinum 23 September 2019 Will platinum price ever recover? What Is Platinum? Platinum is a silver-white metal. It is found both in its native state and combined with other materials such as copper and nickel. It is ductile and malleable. Platinum is as resistant as…

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